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[Major event website] Winter promotion popular game inventory of the game that is worth playing in winter promotion

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Steam winter promotion has been opened!In this cold season, massive games have given seductive discounts, as if giving players warm gifts.These discounts will undoubtedly launch a "warm" harvesting of the players' wallets, reminding everyone to take care of their wallets!So, in this winter promotion, what are the particularly noteworthy games?Let me recommend some boutiques for everyone.

"Armed Fission: Interstellar Soldiers" is a survivor category shooting game with meat pigeon elements, but unlike many of the same type of games, players are not just individuals, but a well -equipped, well -trained training, well -trained training.Fighting team.You need to command them to avoid the enemy's attacks, eliminate the enemy, pick up their experiences, and continue to grow themselves in waves of enemy offensives to welcome more powerful challenges!

Traveler's starry sky

The game also provides a wealth of custom options: you can not only choose how to form your holographic soldiers, but also freely customize their weapons and attack modes. At the same time, there are special enhancements to change the rules of the game.Create a set of weapon combinations that belong to you. Through the accumulation of experience and resources, carefully select and upgrade your equipment, so that your team is invincible in the battle!

In addition to fighting, you can also obtain permanent enhancement by purchasing and unlocking resources, collecting gold coins through the combat process to buy nano chips equipped with special capabilities, buy implants that give them additional abilities, or unlock to have a brand new with new unlocking.New characters with ability, players who like Roguelike games, don't miss this game!

"Journey to the West: Shanhai War" is a survivor Like game of ink and wash. In the game, you can use the classic characters in Journey to the West to fight with the monsters. In battle, you can evolve your role from a small stone monkey from a small stone monkey.To Qi Tian Dasheng, even becoming a fight against the Buddha!Moreover, you can also use some super cool magic weapons, experience the magical seventy -two changes, and synthesize various powerful artifacts.

Traveler's starry sky

In the game, players will be able to choose seven characters including Tang monks and apprentices, and each character has a unique combat ability.In addition, each character can evolve through the prop "relics" to double the skills and combats.If you are familiar with Sun Wukong, you have three forms: Little Monkey Monkey-Qi Tian Dasheng-Dou defeating the Buddha. Each evolution can double the skills and combat effectiveness.

In addition to the rich and diverse fairy magic weapon, a large number of nonsense weapons and props are added to summon full -screen barrage to eliminate the enemy, become a greedy snake to devour the enemy, or even snatch Ma Liang's magical pen directly to directly apply all the enemies to all the enemies.All.There are more props beyond imagination waiting for you to come and explore one by one!

"Greedy Earth" is a shooting game that is in line with most players. Many players want to download this game but do not know. In order to help everyone understand the game, I will introduce you to you.help.

This is a very refreshing god -perspective shooting game. Players will use powerful weapons to eliminate a wave of enemies rushing like a tide.With rich Rogue elements, you can play a lot of interesting Combo through obtaining various powerful equipment!

Traveler's starry sky

Traveler's starry sky

"Greedy Earth" uses an illusory 5 engine, so the level of the picture is naturally very colorful. Each monster has a fine portrayal. When these monsters gather together, they will have a strong sense of oppression!

Traveler's starry sky

Correspondingly, the player also has a wealth of arsenal, and its vitality performance is cool and exaggerated, which is enough to give players sufficient confidence and enjoy the pleasure of harvesting the enemy!Do n’t miss it if you like your favorite refreshing shooting and survivor players. Come and try it!Intersection

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This game "Dwarf Legion Self -Walk" has a very rich element. Many players want to know the download address of this game. In order to help you download this game, today I will bring you "The Dwarf Legion Self -Wet Chess"The download address, I hope it will be helpful to all players.

"The Dwarf Legion Self -Wheeling" has a very refreshing battle, and cleverly merges RPG growth, Roguelike adventure and self -running strategy, creating a playful experience with light rhythm and deep strategy. Touching fish at work and decompression after get off work.

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At the beginning of the game, there are only three dwarfs in your team. With the advancement of the battle, you will continue to get more equipment, skills and new dwarf soldiers. Each dwarf soldiers can be exclusive to give them different equipmentThese dwarfs will have a very different positioning!

As your dwarf army continues to become stronger, the enemies to be encountered will also rise with the quantity and combat effectiveness, and the battlefield will become very fierce.In the face of different enemy configurations, please adjust the equipment and positions of the legion in time.

"The Dwarf Legion Self -Wheeling" has launched a DEMO with full weight and particularly durable, including a large amount of equipment, skills, enemies, and battlefields.Players quickly download and play!Intersection

"Legend of Blacks Store" is a simulated business game that combines RPG elements. Previously, it had a great influence overseas. In the game, players will play a blacksmith in the medieval background of the medieval background to control their own blacksmith shopEssenceEach decision will affect the process of the story regardless of the size.Starting from a bunch of tattered tools and equipment, develop this small shop into the most successful enterprise and become the legendary blacksmith of the times!

Traveler's starry sky

As a blacksmith, processing orders is your daily life.It may be a simple repair work, or it may be a treasure for the king.By carefully managing orders, enhance your prestige level and attract nobles and celebrities.Pay special attention to those unique orders that can bring generous returns!For example, to create a unique ring for the daughter of a baron, or forging the sword for the king.

You will encounter a variety of workers.Each of them has their own skills and personality.Build facilities, install convenient equipment, decorate houses, and create a pleasant working environment.Upgrade their tools to improve work efficiency.By adding new books to the library to help employees improve your skills and let your team help you realize the dream of blacksmith's paving faster.Do not miss this game!

"Please hand over organs" is a simulation game full of black humor. Faced with the doomsday, players need to build a space boat within 30 days. In the process, players need to choose who can board the ship.Please make your best, let them hand over the organs!The game cleverly integrates the gameplay of games such as "Please Show the Certificate" and "Radiation Shelter". Since its launch, it has received a lot of affirmation. Currently, the evaluation of Steam is "specially praised"!

Traveler's starry sky

In the game, the player will manage a human recycling factory and find the right employee for themselves.Among the many interviewers, their body values and personality characteristics are different.People with qualified physical conditions will have the opportunity to take a spacecraft to find new homes to continue human civilization.Those who are unqualified in physical indicators will be "recovered" for processing into products, and the funds earned are used to complete the construction of the spacecraft.

When managing equipment and manpower, players must be fully prepared before the spacecraft take off before the spacecraft takes off to avoid losses.Therefore, detailed plans and strategies need to be developed, resources are reasonably allocated, and coordination and cooperation in all aspects should be ensured.Only by careful planning and effective management can the perfect operation of the factory be achieved to ensure that the spacecraft is completed within 30 days.If you are a player who likes to simulate business, then this game is definitely a choice you must not miss.

"Return to the Earth" is a very rich gameplay, and the base construction and sandbox adventure are cleverly fused.Players will play the survivors of the last days hiding in the earth, explore adventures in the underground world, encounter the magical mysterious life body "monster", obtain resources through battle adventure, regain human loss of scientific and technological civilization, create their own survival base, look for a heavy weightThe road to the world.

Traveler's starry sky

There are many terrible monsters hidden in the dark underground world.Defeating these monsters may get more supplies.As the exploration continues, you will be able to upgrade the weapons and equipment at hand to make the next battle easier.Compared to fighting with various monsters, a greater threat is from hunger.Limited resources in the ground make the food here extremely scarce. You need to collect food and strive to maintain survival.Of course, you can also build your own camps to plant food to maintain your life.

In the risks of continuous exploration, you may encounter some mysterious living forms called "monsters". They have both similar to humans and strong abilities that humans cannot reach.You can get better with every monster, so you may get some help from them.It is discovered that their lives and unknown secrets may become a clue to return to the surface. It must be a long journey. Let the "monster" accompany you on the journey.

"Bullet" is a meat pigeon action game with a refreshing battle and cool performance. Players will go deep into the micro -world full of viruses and face fierce attacks from all directions.At the same time, we must also seize the opportunity and use the weapon in the hand to "bounce against" the enemy's bullet, so that you can reverse the offensive beautifully, thereby playing a smoother and violent output!

Traveler's starry sky

The meat pigeons in the game are very solid.There are many "biological shells" with different performance and unique gameplay, some are good at progressive and cut, some are good at heavy artillery, some are flexible and light, and some are high.It will bring completely different combat experiences and strategic ideas.

"Bullet" has a very refreshing and cool battle, and a rich and changeable level challenge, which not only allows you to fight a happy time, but also continue to surprise with your growth, which is quite durable.Players who like meat pigeon games and action games, don't miss it!

"Vanity Reincarnation" is a card construction game with meat pigeons RPG elements. The experience is similar to "Hearthstone Legend", but this time you will be in a chaotic world.Card, a little bit of your strong deck, and in the endless reincarnation, challenge the increasingly powerful enemies, and find all the secrets behind this disaster.

Traveler's starry sky

The game provides a large number of cards for players to freely build their own card group. Different card combinations will bring completely different play ideas.Looking at your luck more, but no matter which genre, as you adventure you and your cards will continue to grow, and then develop more possibilities, even unexpected surprises!

The big map of the game adopts a checkered map map design. Players need to "light up" the front road. This process is full of meat pigeon elements. The grid will randomly generate various enemies, scenes, and props.You need to think carefully about what to do first, but you should also pay attention that the time of this world is passing at any time, and the enemy is also working hard to become stronger.In short, don't miss this game!Intersection

"The City of Law" is a ROGUE shooting game with music as the soul. You will be in a neon gorgeous Cyber city, using various weapons and skills to destroy a wave of waves with the festival of music to destroy a wave of waves.enemy!What you can feel here is not just a refreshing shooting, but also the fascinating music rhythm.

Traveler's starry sky

You are not just a soldier in the game, but also a dancer! Every time you shoot, you are hitting the drum, and every dodge is lighting the neon!If you keep up with the rhythm of the rhythm, your operation will be perfectly matched with the lights and music in the scene, so that the battlefield will instantly turn into a gorgeous stage!

Of course, the rhythm of music will also give you a stronger combat effectiveness. With the correct beat shooting, a strong blow can be released instantly. Dodge in the correct drum, you can be perfect.Not only can you rely on your hands and eyes, but also your ears to grasp the rhythm of the music, and operate with a dancer's attitude, so that your battle can be more sharp and smooth!Intersection

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