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[Major event website] Yuanmeng Star, the distance between us and the party game

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After finishing the egg,火速资讯 I was surrounded by "The Star of Yuanmeng".

On December 15th, Log in to Ren of Tencent products, including but not limited to QQ, WeChat, application treasure, Tencent video, Tencent music, Tencent News, and even some companies in Tencent, such as Meituan.

You can see the first time when you open the page on the App that Tencent's most powerful game product "Yuanmeng Star" at the end of this year.

So that when I opened a lot of software that day, my hands did not dare to move, because it was easy to automatically jump to the WiFi environment to download.

Regarding the war between Tencent's "Yuanmeng Star" and Netease "Eggs Party" in the second half of the year, there are many media reports. The details of the resources, the advantages and disadvantages of the products invested, and the details of the struggle are all comprehensive.

However, the industry media reports are not the case as soon as it falls to the game itself.

Regarding the game, they introduced how many gameplays have been sutured by using the advantages of resources. For example, with the advantages of Tencent in the field of FPS games, these small people who look dull can also shoot and eat chickenThe ecology of Tencent Music allows players to sit in the game home to watch videos; including the IP cooperation relationship with "Glory of the King", "Crayon Shinko" and "Kung Fu Panda", can be transformed into new characters, maps, voice, etc. in the futurewait.

But there is only less analysis of game scenes, which is also the most important part of party games.

In fact, in some articles in some game industry media, I saw such a "party game, which means that players played a little inconvenient role to play and break through the level by playing various" cute people ".game."

It seems that the party game is like FPS games and SLG games, which refers to the difference in the game type.

In my opinion, even if only people studying the game industry must play the game in person, so as not to have some common sense errors.

Therefore, we will talk about the party game scene that few people talk about:Yuanmeng Star, the distance from the party game.

Starting from this point, we can see more changes in the goose and pig war in the future and even the key match points.

What is the difference between party games?

What is a party game?

The word parties refer to the game content, but the game scene and play at the party.

Before "Beast Party" and "Goose Duck Kill", before the fire of the party games in recent years, Nintendo firmly occupied the only true god title of the party game.Because among the many hosts, only the physical sensation and handle of Nintendo Switch are most in line with the requirements of offline parties to entertain with multiple people.

In terms of software, the party games of young and old have always been the focus of Nintendo. Its classic game "Super Hatio", "Mario Kart 8", "Nintendo All -Star Fighting" is not inferior to its popularity than less than that"Legend of Zelda".

After that, it was the rise of "Salon Man", bringing the game to the line.

The live spring breeze blows, and the small cost party games also usher in spring.

3 "AMONG US" (AMONG US "(Space Werewolf Kill)," Goose Ducks "and" Beast Party "test version, small costs leveraged large flow, and eventually made the small category of online party games entering the giants 'sight of the giants' sightEssence

For the two battles of pigs and geese, there is a observation that is in place, that is, they are invariably settled in the live broadcast room in the live broadcast room.The two parties are deployed, and we will not repeat it here. We only need to know that Tencent has made Douyin's small handle (game promotion) on the "Yuan Meng Star" in this counter -abnormal state.Before that, this was never before.

The reason why the two sides attach great importance to the live broadcast are very simple. In recent years, all the popular party games have been counted in the live broadcast room, which is prosperous in the live broadcast.The classic is like "eggplant crying horse".

But there is a detail that needs to be added,Different from the live -broadcast traditional stand -alone game or competitive game, the party game live broadcast, the anchor is looking for acquaintances, or other anchors, at least people they know.They built their own rooms and closed their doors to play, instead of random matching people.

This is critical, where is the charm of party games.

Compared with competitive games, the most important part of the party game is the result, and it does not enjoy the game value of the game itself like a stand -alone game.

The most valuable part of it is the emotion in the game.

Therefore, only when acquaintances can we joke inside and do prank, do not care about the rules of the game, and pay more attention to the fast of friends between friends, and there will be all kinds of laughing effects. For details, you can refer to the eggplant of the 2023 performance textbook.

Here, the wrong eggplant knife is not the big Sima who knows, but a random matching passersby. The effect of the entire program and the happiness brought by the show will not be so bursting.

In a sense of party games, it is a co -creation game. The game fun comes from the game, and most of them come from friends.

Therefore, the biggest difference between party games and other games is that the highest configuration of this game is always friends.

All online party games, players voting with their feet feel the best, what are the best games that can most repeat the online party.

This is suitable for hosting or mobile games.

And, in a sense,Mobile games are more advantageous than host.It is fully covered.You can play online, and you can still take out your phone offline.

Imagine that a friend's party, everyone sat at home and opened "The Star of the Yuanmeng". A group of people I knew first played the "werewolf kill" inside, and the "beast party party" and "squid game" inside.Because of friends or mistakes or lucky laughter.

Then the players who have experienced this beautiful experience. When they meet with other friends next time, I took the initiative to propose "Come" The Star of Yuanmeng ", who I was with the last time, but it was too interesting."The new friend re -engraved that experience.

This is the picture in Tencent's dream, and it is also a scene we have always emphasized.If there is no such scene, then the more more gameplay is sutured, and the party game "Yuanmeng Star" is incorporated into the "Star of Yuanmeng", which is just the "Sugar" ranking versionOnly the candida masters learn the technology inside.

So, let's take a look, how is "Yuanmeng Star" landed?

Brother, never fought such a wealthy battle

On the first day of the launch on the 15th, one of the last regrets was that I told my nephew that played "Yuanmeng Star" to receive 6 yuan red envelope in WeChat games.

Afterwards, I was criticized by the entire family group. The boy stole his fucking mobile phone and hid in a friend's house for a whole weekend to play games.

Because in addition to the first 6 yuan, it was upgraded to sign in every day, and Tencent continued to send money.

What's more, the nephew's friendship with blessings and sharing this wealth door with his classmates will be shared with his classmates. Several talented kids quickly discovered. Except for WeChat, you can also nuggets in other products in Tencent.Essence

I have never seen such a wealthy battle at all.

After a weekend, this group of classmates has a per capita income of more than 30+. My nephew is a unique marketing wizard. I found a link to invites and earn red envelopes, earning straight teeth, and even in -game income.On the weekend, a weekend became the crown of Tencent.

Although, the current player portrait released by Yuanmeng's heart is mainly "18-36" users.But all the players on the track are clearly clearly mindful,The core users who sent opposite mobile games are post -10 post -10 post -10sMany marketing and planning are carried out around this group, but respectable customers are still playing with his parents' mobile phones.

Everyone thinks about which game when I was a child. I have always played a lot of people in the class, and I just play.

Tencent's offensive really brought a little money to this group of children, so that they could recognize the power of capital early.

But children's products have always had the most strong moat.

When we were young, there were no online and opposite mobile games, but there were several standard offline party games, such as playing beads and shooting cards.I didn't think there was anything about this game at the time.

However, when I went to college and the roommates of Tiannanhai to communicate, I felt shocked. In the age of not talking about the Internet, most of the family was only available in landlines. The rules of these marbles and cards.Uniform, even shooting cards, the types of cards collected are the same.

Even more complicated rules, such as the "mobile game" that played like a ninja, with "energy", "rebound" and "wave", can be unified in the hands of children.In the world of adults, a simple fifteen and twenty, can add a flower to change a bar.

This is why the Indo -Outman card business can be printed like a banknote after the Card Touring Card Business, and you don't have to worry about the super -issuing.

After occupying the social network of primary and secondary schools, no matter how strong the latecomers and the high cost performance of the watch, they can't take away his market.Because the children do not recognize, everyone else in the class has played this. Your Huawei Xiaomi has never heard of it. At first glance, it is the piracy of a small company.

The same is true of multi -person online interaction to play games.

Netease entered the venue for one year first, and the UGC ecology has been pulled except a social network.7 days before the launch of "Yuanmeng Star", "Egg Tsai Party" announced thatThe total number of registered users exceeds 500 millionEssence

Therefore, for the competition of core users, Tencent, which has developed online path dependence on marketing, may need to think carefully after the new travel heat of the Yuanmeng Star,How to focus on "scene construction" offline and truly cut into the post -10 groups.

At the same time, you can also take a look at the current scared user data of NetEase, does it effectively constitute a moat.

For more pan -user groups, you need to pay more attention to a key node, the Spring Festival.

Decisive battle, Spring Festival!

Open Yuanmeng's heart, a line of words will pop up.

"Genuine Huanjia Huanpan Game"

The mystery of Yuan Meng's heart broke through the user circle was on the mystery.

For the social habits of Chinese people, if you must say when there will be a national large -scale party gathering activity, it must be in the Spring Festival.

In addition to the propositions of the party, it also has more points that occupy the time and place.

For example, the Spring Festival has a national unified legal holiday.But contrary to the abundant time given by the statutory holiday, it also has the most barren cultural consumer products during this time, especially when the people of the country do not like to watch the Spring Festival Gala.

Secondly, although many relatives and friends gathered together.But the contrary to the number of people,Most of these people's gatherings are because of blood relationships, not interesting relationships.In other words, everyone has no common topic.

These relatives who are rare on weekdays may come from different places, located in different circles, and have different hobbies.But now, everyone gathered together. Except for embarrassment and greetings, nothing could be done, and they couldn't go immediately.It is precisely a good time to break the ice break.

So now, the party game is here.The more users who meet the above situations, the more the target group of the party game.

There may be some more advantages, we won't repeat them one by one.

Theoretically, you can observeHow high the Spring Festival stalls have begun to increase in 2013, so how big is the stage of sending opponents on the stage of this year's Spring Festival file.

The scene is first, the Spring Festival file will inevitably become the key match point.

The duration of the battle of pigs and geese that was only played at the end of 2023 may not be as expected.

Just like the red envelope payment of the year, he started playing at home in the 30th year. He took people to play once on the first year of the first year. Everyone was playing this game and became a social topic.

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